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Research integrity

Scientific integrity

The Research Institute of Child Development and Education (RICDE) attaches great importance to quality and transparency of how it conducts research and endorses the principles outlined by the VSNU (Association of Universities in the Netherlands). All researchers within RICDE are expected to commit to and follow these regulations.

The VSNU Code obliges scientific practitioners not only to respect the general principles of sincerity and scrupulousness, reliability, verifiability, impartiality, independence, and responsibility but also to do everything within their power to promote and ensure compliance with these principles in their academic environment.

These principles of scientific integrity are generally agreed upon, witness the regulations that are published by, for example, The European Code of Conduct for Research Integrity, the APA, and the ICMJE

All researchers are responsible for proper conduct of research, not only of their own, but also of their fellow researchers. Differences in hierarchy may make it difficult to report improper behaviour. RICDE has therefore appointed two Research Integrity Officers, Machteld Hoeve ( and Jannet van Drie (, who are available for questions and advice. In addition, researchers can contact the UvA confidential advisers for questions, and for filing an official complaint.

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