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PhD research projects

Results: 1 - 26 of 26
Results: 1 - 26 of 26
  • 'Accessible pathways to higher education'

    PhD candidate: Lieve Heijsters

  • A comprehensive framework for estimating and interpreting interrater reliability of (inter)dependent data

    PhD candidate: Debby ten Hove, MSc

  • Be the best I can be: Reducing narcissistic aggression in youth by encouraging self-comparison

    PhD candidate: Ҁisem Gürel, MSc

  • Changing peer norms to improve self-regulation in youth

    PhD candidate: Maud Hensums, MSc

  • Development of creativity of children in Primary Education

    PhD candidate: Olga Potters, MSc

  • Early prevention of child abuse: What works for whom?

    PhD candidate: Anne Bijlsma, MSc

  • Effective components of social skills training

    PhD candidate: Brechtje de Mooij, MSc

  • Effective early intervention to prevent child abuse

    PhD candidate: Jeanne Gubbels, MSc

  • Genetic susceptibility in children’s reward-punishment sensitivity to parenting

    PhD candidate: Karen Fischer, MSc

  • How to make a success of a large scale implementation of an evidence-based program for the prevention of reading difficulties?

    PhD candidate: Fae van der Weijden, MSc

  • Mathematical modeling and the role of language skills

    PhD candidate: Sevinç Göksen- Zayim, MSc

  • Parenting in times of war

    PhD candidate: Hend Eltanamly, MSc

  • Results-oriented citizenship education

    PhD candidate: Lianne Hoek, MSc

  • Scaffolding small heterogeneous student-groups while discussing mathematics

    PhD candidate: Sharon Calor, MSc

  • Self–regulated learning in primary education

    PhD candidate: Rutmer Ebbes, MSc

  • Shedding light on shadow education in the Netherlands

    PhD candidate: Daury Jansen, MSc

  • Stimulating student teachers - critical consciousness of structural inequality in primary education

    PhD Candidate: Nina Hosseini

  • Synchrony of emotional communication and pointing in infancy: An investigation on the early developmental trajectories of social-communicative functioning

    PhD candidate: Eliala Salvadori, MSc

  • Teachers’ daily emotional processes in response to disruptive students: Transactional links with teacher wellbeing and student adjustment

    PhD candidate: Janneke de Ruiter, MSc

  • Teachers’ role in classroom’s cultural climate and its effects on minority pupils’ school engagement

    PhD candidate: Ceren Abacioglu, MSc

  • The Curaçao Longitudinal Study on juvenile resilience and delinquency

    PhD candidate: Drs. Agnes de Lima-Heijns

  • The evaluation of a Prison based Animal Program in the Netherlands

    PhD candidate: Hanne Duindam, MSc

  • The pedagogy of the mosque: Aiding or frustrating integration in the Netherlands

    PhD candidate: Semiha Sözeri, MSc

  • The role of resilience and future time perspective in teachers' and students' dealing with stress and self-regulated learning

    PhD candidate: Thijmen van Alphen, MSc

  • Understanding the effects of schools on students citizenship outcomes: characteristics of the school community

    PhD candidate: Willemijn Rinnooy Kan, MSc

  • When parenting gets under the skin: exploring associations between parental sensitivity and the stress response system in young children

    PhD candidate: Hannah Spencer, MSc