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Scaling methods for multilevel test data

PhD candidate: Letty Koopman, MSc

Several measurement instruments require multiple raters. Examples include an exam in which the responses of each student are rated by two instructors, and the Child Behavior Checklist in which both parents rate the child’s behaviour. Data obtained with these measurement instruments have a multilevel structure, and traditional scaling and item analyses yield inaccurate results with respect to the quality of the measurement instrument. Using flexible measurement models, we develop flexible statistical methods to both construct and assess measurement instruments involving multiple raters. The resulting methods will be made available in user-friendly software.

This project is funded with NWO Research Talent Grant and runs from 2016 – 2020.

V.E.C. (Letty) Koopman

PhD candidate

Prof. dr. L.A. (Andries) van der Ark


Dr. B.J.H. (Bonne) Zijlstra