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Research programme Child Development

Research Institute of Child Development and Education

The aim of the Child Development programme is to gain knowledge on variations in normal and abnormal child development from a child rearing perspective, and on interventions that can be used to effectively support child development. Therefore, the programme examines normal and abnormal infant, child, adolescent and young adult development in their different contexts, in particular the family domain, and the domain of non-parental (institutional) care.

The focus is on child development and parenting in traditional and non-traditional families, the role of the father, the relation between temperament and parenting, child care, and aetiology of abnormal child development (including anxiety, deficits in moral development, and juvenile delinquency), and on preventive and curative interventions targeting child-rearing problems and psychopathology.

Research lines in the Child Development programme are:

Preventive Youth Care

Developmental Psychopathology

Forensic Child and Youth Care

Methods and Statistics