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Research Priority Area 'Yield'

Research priority area (RPA) Yield Research Priority Area (RPA) Yield was established in 2013, under management of the Research Institute of Child Development and Education.

Yield conducts multidisciplinary research on the bioecology of human development, from infancy to young adulthood, with perspectives from Medicine, Psychology, Pedagogics, Education, Communication, Economics, and Psychometrics.

Within the gene-environment interactions that shape human development, we distinguish developmental and contextual factors:

  • developmental factors: biological (health), cognitive, and social-emotional factors
  • contextual factors: family, peers, health care, child and youth care, school, media, cultural and socioeconomic factors.

RPA Yield focuses on human development from infancy to adulthood. Development is considered successful if a child grows up into an adult who fully participates in society.

Research questions

  • the underlying processes of biological, cognitive, and social development
  • the reciprocal relationships between developmental and contextual factors
  • risk factors, protective factors, and interventions in health, cognitive, and social development

The RPA covers topics in:


The topics of research in these subareas of Yield are considered from various disciplinary perspectives. Developmental and contextual factors should not be studied in isolation. All factors interact, have reciprocal effects on each other, and simultaneously affect child and adolescent development.

We study typical and atypical development in typical and atypical situations. As the ultimate (albeit indirect) goal is to promote societal participation, we intend to conduct societally relevant research, with results that can be used to improve clinical and educational practice.

Members and applicants