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PhD candidate: Hester Mennes, MSc

In this project, I examine governance aspects of schools’ provision of civic education in the Netherlands. Increasingly, research insights are available on how schools can contribute to young citizens’ equipment to navigate through democracy. However, less is known about what supports schools in realizing such a contribution, and I therefore build on these previous insights and focus on governance factors that shape schools’ provision of civic educational practices. Given concerns about rising inequalities in educational opportunities, I pay particular attention to social inequalities in students’ access to and gains from schools’ provision of civic education. This project relies on large scale data from the Dutch as well as European context and I use quantitative research methods.

This project is funded by the Dutch Inspectorate of Education. A part of the project was funded by ODISSEI (Open Data Infrastructure for Social Science and Economic Innovations) and runs from September 2018 – August 2022.

Dr H.I. (Hester) Mennes

PhD candidate

Prof. dr. A.B. (Anne Bert) Dijkstra


Prof. dr. H.G. (Herman) van de Werfhorst


Dr. A. (Anke) Munniksma