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PhD projects research programme Child Development

Research Institute of Child Development and Education

Results: 1 - 11 of 11
Results: 1 - 11 of 11
  • Be the best I can be: Reducing narcissistic aggression in youth by encouraging self-comparison

    PhD candidate: Ҁisem Gürel, MSc

  • Changing peer norms to improve self-regulation in youth

    PhD candidate: Maud Hensums, MSc

  • Early prevention of child abuse: What works for whom?

    PhD candidate: Anne Bijlsma, MSc

  • Effective early intervention to prevent child abuse

    PhD candidate: Jeanne Gubbels, MSc

  • Parenting in times of war

    PhD candidate: Hend Eltanamly, MSc

  • Safe Start: The development and effectiveness of an intervention for pregnant (young) women (and their partners)

    PhD candidate: Annick Zijlstra

  • Social Trust, Interpersonal Relationships, and Behavior Problems during School Transitions

    PhD candidate: Jiajun Mo, MSc

  • Synchrony of emotional communication and pointing in infancy: An investigation on the early developmental trajectories of social-communicative functioning

    PhD candidate: Eliala Salvadori, MSc

  • The Curaçao Longitudinal Study on juvenile resilience and delinquency

    PhD candidate: Drs. Agnes de Lima-Heijns

  • The GROWTH-CURVE study

    PhD candidate: Rosanne Sluiter, MSc

  • When parenting gets under the skin: exploring associations between parental sensitivity and the stress response system in young children

    PhD candidate: Hannah Spencer, MSc