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Research and PhD Projects

Research Institute of Child Development and Education
Research and PhD Projects

Research Programme Education


Educational Sciences

PhD projects

  1. Accessible pathways to higher education | PhD candidate: Benthe van Wanrooij, MSc
  2. Development of creativity of children in Primary Education | PhD candidate: Olga Potters, MSc
  3. Citizenship education and adolescents citizenship competences | PhD candidate: Esther Karkdijk, MSc
  4. Educational governance for youth citizenship | PhD candidate: Hester Mennes, MSc
  5. Heading for equality of opportunity in education – from collective action problem to collective action network | PhD candidate: Femke Koekkoek
  6. Results-oriented citizenship education | PhD candidate: Lianne Hoek, MSc
  7. Scaffolding small heterogeneous student-groups while discussing mathematics | PhD candidate: Sharon Calor, MSc
  8. Self–regulated learning in primary education | PhD candidate: Rutmer Ebbes, MSc
  9. Stimulating student teachers - critical consciousness of structural inequality in primary education | PhD candidate: Nina Hosseini, MSc
  10. Strategies for interest development in education | PhD candidate: Eva Kelder
  11. The role of resilience and future time perspective in teachers' and students' dealing with stress and self-regulated learning | PhD candidate: Thijmen van Alphen, MSc
  12. Understanding the effects of schools on students citizenship outcomes: characteristics of the school community | PhD candidate: Willemijn Rinnooy Kan, MSc
  13. Using meaningful out of school learning experiences in primary education | PhD candidate: Edda Veerman, MSc

Research projects

  1. Online and blended education during COVID-19
  2. Accessible pathways to and through higher education – an integral perspective on the accessibility of higher education in the Netherlands
  3. Diversity in the classroom: reinforcing teachers’ competences
  4. The developmental roots of inequalities in education


Domain Specific Learning

PhD projects

  1. Learning to Write Synthesis Texts | PhD candidate: Liselore van Ockenburg
  2. Mathematical modelling and the role of language skills | PhD candidate: Sevinç Göksen-Zayim, MSc
  3. Stimulating historical reasoning in inquiry-based learning lessons in Primary Education | PhD candidate: Yolande Potjer, dr
  4. Increasing complexity in communicative speaking tasks in the EFL classroom | PhD candidate: Chris Veldwijk, Ma


Developmental Disorders and Special Education

PhD projects

  1. How to make a success of a large scale implementation of an evidence-based program for the prevention of reading difficulties? | PhD candidate: Fae van der Weijden, MSc

Research projects

  1. Developing evidence-based interventions for students at-risk for developing deficits in reading, mathematics, on-task behavior or emotional wellbeing


Methods and Statistics

PhD projects

  1. A comprehensive framework for estimating and interpreting interrater reliability of (inter)dependent data | PhD candidate: Debby ten Hove, MSc
  2. No Data Left Behind: New meta-analytic structural equation models for complex data structures | PhD candidate: Lennert Groot, MSc
  3. Non-standard applications of structural equation modelling in child development and education research | PhD candidate: Laura Kolbe, MSc
  4. Scaling methods for multilevel test data | PhD candidate: Letty Koopman, MSc
  5. Meta-analytic structural equation modeling with group data | PhD Candidate: Hannelies de Jonge, MSc