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PhD Candidate: Nina Hosseini

Over the past decades, educational inequality in the Netherlands has increased. To challenge the reproduction or reinforcement of mechanisms that create inequality and oppression, teachers must first become aware of the existence of these inequalities, unequal power structures and the political character of teaching. In the Netherlands, issues such as inequality in education are currently not addressed extensively in urban teacher education. This research project aims at providing insight into the process of raising teacher candidates’ awareness of structural inequality in education and society. The research question of this project is: How can social justice-oriented teacher education contribute to raising awareness of structural inequality among student teachers in the Netherlands? To answer this question, a mixed-methods empirical study will be done to map the views and beliefs about structural inequality that student teachers currently have. Subsequently, an educational programme or course will be designed and implemented to challenge these views and beliefs. This course will be evaluated in order to answer the main research question. The results of this study will be used to identify principles to support teacher educators to develop patterns of practice for equity in their specific education contexts.

Dit promotietraject wordt gefinancierd door de UvA, IPabo en twee steunstichtingen: de Stichting Katholieke Opleidingsinstituten voor Onderwijsgevenden Amsterdam e.o. en de Stichting tot Steun bij Opleiding en Begeleiding van Leerkrachten in het Christelijk Basisonderwijs.

N. (Nina) Hosseini MSc

PhD Candidate

Prof. dr. M.L.L. (Monique) Volman


Dr. L. (Lisa) Gaikhorst


  • Monique Leijgraaf  | Co-Promotor

            IPabo Amsterdam Alkmaar