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PhD candidate: Thijmen van Alphen, MSc

To successfully deal with the fast-paced changes in 21st century work and society, both students and teachers need to be able to self-regulate their learning (SRL). The regulation of emotions is an important process that precedes SRL-behaviours like planning, investing effort, and monitoring progress. This is because many learning situations are potentially stressful for students and teachers.

This PhD project, seeks to develop, test, and apply a model that explains how teachers deal with day-to- day experienced stress. It does so, based on two factors that, to date, have been insufficiently studied: future time perspective (FTP) and resilience. The resulting model is tested through experimental interventions that target teachers’ resilience and FTP to decrease their experienced stress and promote SRL-behaviours.

The research also aims to make a methodological contribution by employing ecological momentary assessments (EMA) of stress and emotional experiences, FTP, resilience and SRL-behaviours.

This project is funded by NRO Samenhangende onderzoeksprojecten [in Dutch]. For more information see also the projectdescription [in Dutch].

T.A. (Thijmen) van Alphen MSc

PhD candidate

Dr J. (Joost) Jansen in de Wal


Dr. J.A. (Jaap) Schuitema