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PhD candidate: Rutmer Ebbes, MSc

Self-regulated learning (SRL) is considered a key competence, influencing both students’ motivation and achievement in elementary school. SRL depends on student skills and characteristics but also on characteristics of the learning environment. Our project examines (a) reliable and valid measurement of SRL, from the student and the teacher perspective, (b) the influence of teachers’ perceptions of a students’ SRL ability on their instruction and support during a math task, against the background of peer influences, and (c) student characteristics explaining differences in SRL-intervention effectivity.

This project is part of the Yield Signature Project on Self-Regulation. For other research projects, see also RPA Yield website.

R. (Rutmer) Ebbes MSc

PhD candidate

Prof. H.M.Y. (Helma) Koomen


Dr. B.R.J. (Brenda) Jansen


Dr. J.A. (Jaap) Schuitema